Pascale Taurua



01 TAURUA and her artistic journey

Born of a Caledonian mother and a Polynesian father of English origin, the Dean family, Pascale has a childhood that is sometimes Caledonian and sometimes Polynesian, our adventurer would have sailed between two countries.

It was during one of her stays that she entered the world of painting by doing an internship at the Conservatory of Arts in French Polynesia, then many encounters that will inspire her in her career. Franck Janca, Christoff Debuscher, François Le Grand, Jean Dubrusk ....

Stephanie PAVAGEAU

02 who is she ?

Who are you ?

From a young age, I was used to composing with colors because I spent whole afternoons with my maternal grandmother embroidering doilies. I remember that I stopped every day in a haberdashery, where I spent wonderful moments admiring the embroidery threads of all colors, which I imagined using to fill the canvas.

On my father's side, I remember having spent a lot of my time in his workshop. He was a carpenter and his workshop was a place of endless creations. Making lots of things from everything I found on the floor that I stuck and painted, imagining a universe that was mine.

Where do you live today?

In 2005, I chose to settle permanently in France.

Today I live in Paris as an artist painter evolving in a urban capital wich is the opposite from the islands where I grew up.

Can you tell me about your artistic background?


I started in a gallery located in Nouméa New Caledonia, then  at the Winkler Gallery in Tahiti, and then settled permanently in the South West of France, and Paris today.


Now for several years, I have had the privilege of exhibiting in major Art Fairs in Paris, such as "Le Salon des Artistes Français" at the Grand Palais, "Le Salon d'Automne" on the Avenue des Champs Elysées, "Le Salon des Beaux Arts" at the "Carrousel du Louvre"...